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Activity Wall

The Activity Wall is the default dashboard that loads when users first log in.

Purpose: the Activity Wall provides an overview of a user’s workload over three coming months. Users can also report Risk Events, Gifts & Hospitality and Conflicts directly from the Activity Wall.

  1. Dashboard Menu: Activity wall can be accessed through the Dashboard Menu on the left.

  2. Filter by User: From this dropdown we can select from a list of user to filter the data by User after click the button “Load”. Only the Admin can see all the list.

  3. Additional Reporting: Depending on the modules available, users can report:

    • Risk events / Risk incidents using the exclamation triangle icon.

    • Conflict of Interest using the speech bubble icon.

    • Gifts & hospitality using the gift icon.

  1. Activity List: Top right of the dashboard shows the number of Core Elements (Risks, Controls etc.) assigned to the user, where the user involvement could be as an Owner, Reviewer or Manager. Clicking on these will filter the Activity wall.

  2. Activities Columns: the activities over a quarter are organised in three columns; overdue tasks, tasks due in the next 30 days and tasks due between 31-90 days, highlighting the workload for the next three months.

  3. Quarterly view: From this switch we can hide the column “Next 13-90 days” (6a)

  4. Active Tasks: this tree buttons are used to filter the data:

    • Active Task.

    • Depedencies.

    • All Task.

  5. Updating tasks: Users have the ability to provide updates for their tasks (e.g. Control Assessments) directly from the Activity Wall (blue Plus icon). Alternatively, use the green arrow to go to the cards page for a detailed review of the relevant Core Element.

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