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Overview of user management

Restricted Access:

This option is only accessible for users with ADMIN rights.

This post provides an introduction to user management in CORE, including where to find the settings. This should be read together with the Access Control List (ACL) entry that describes different access roles available within CORE.

user management
user management
  1. User management settings: the settings for user management can be accessed using the cogs on top-right of the screen (1a). Note: this option is only available for users with Admin Access (see Access Control List (ACL) for details of access rights).

  2. Adding users: new users can be added via “Add new user” button. See Adding New Users for details on how to add new users. For bulk loading users please contact –

  3. Export user lists: the user list which appears in a tabular form can also be downloaded in Microsoft Excel using the Excel export option.

  4. Tailor user table: users can turn additional columns “on/off” using the Cog (4a) icon and selecting the columns to show or hide.

  5. Modifying existing users: Existing users can be modified using one of the three icons show in the table for each user. These options are:

  • Red “QR Code” icon: Use this to enable or disable the 2FA Authenticator (see Setting Up 2FA).

  • Blue “Pencil” icon: Use this to edit the details of existing users (e.g. email, name, team etc.) and for resetting passwords (see Resetting User Password).

  • Red “Bin” icon: use this to delete a user. When deleting a user, all CORE Element (e.g. Risk, Control etc.) must be reassigned to a different user before a user can be successfully deleted.

  • Orange “Ban” icon: use this to disable users. This means users are unable to access the application but their name continues to be associated with a CORE Element (e.g. Risk, Control etc.)

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