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Resetting User Password

Restricted Access:

This option is only accessible for users with ADMIN rights.

Users have the option to use “Forgot password?” to recover their password. However, Admins have the ability to manually reset a user password through the User Management settings section.

In order to reset a user’s password, first go to the User Management settings page and select the user you would like to reset the password for:

  1. User management settings: the settings for user management can be accessed using the cogs on top-right of the screen (1a). Note: this option is only available for users with Admin Access (see Access Control List (ACL) for details of access rights).

  2. Modifying a user: Select the blue pencil icon for the user for which a password reset is required.

After clicking on the blue pencil icon, a screen shows up that looks similar to the screen that was used when setting up a new user (see Adding New Users). This screen can be used to reset a user’s password.

  1. Resetting password: to reset the password, simply assign a new password and a notification email is sent to the user. NOTE: for security reasons, the user will be asked to change their password on log-in after their password has been reset.

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