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New Apps in development to help you achieve additional efficiencies.

Team CoVi is always challenging the operational status quo; developing new ideas and pairing them with technological innovations & new data sets to continually simplify and automate parts of your operations.

Tell us about your operational prorities
Policy 2.0

Customer-led development.

When it comes to prioritising our development roadmap, we put our customers in the driving seat. We have a long list of operational areas which we plan to simplify, automate and augment with new data sources to draw out new insights and help clients achieve operational efficiencies in all areas of their business.

What are your operational priorities? Tell us about your operational priorities and let's explore how we can help you achieve operational efficiencies.

Tell us about your operational prorities
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Development Roadmap

Some of the Apps under development

Data Directory

Connect internal and external data sources to operational data via an intuitive interface for live monitoring and enhanced insights.

Who is this App for?

IT teams CEO Office Operations Teams

Strategy & Appetite

Define your vision, mission, values and appetite; linking it directly to operational activities for active monitoring & automated reporting.

Who is this App for?

the Board CEO Office Operations Teams

Assurance Assist

Plan, execute, document and track assurance activities with an A.I. powered recommendation engine that helps develop risk-based reviews.

Who is this App for?

Internal Audit Compliance Assurance

Exceptions Log

Manage waivers granted to your internal processes and get regular automated reminders to review waivers validity over time.

Who is this App for?

Operations teams Risk & Compliance

Talent Management

A performance management App that links operational data directly to staff job descriptions, automating on-going regulatory certifications (SM&CR).

Who is this App for?

Human Resources Operations Teams

Supplier Management

Manage all your supplier management from contract review, supplier register, SLA monitoring to supplier risk assessments.

Who is this App for?

Operations Teams Risk & Compliance

Complaints Tracker

Aggregate complaints across multiple channels and map valid complaints to business activities to ensure lessons learnt are reflected in your operations.

Who is this App for?

Operations Teams Finance Team

Reporting Calendar

Track all your internal & external reports from inception to completion with a reporting calendar that has approval workflows build into them.

Who is this App for?

Operations Teams Risk & Compliance

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