Risk & Compliance tools for business

Empowering Business teams to own their compliance activities and enhancing Risk & Compliance teams' analytics capabilities.


Risk & Compliance tools that empower business teams and embed risk culture.

  • Empowered business teams
  • Improved Accountability
  • Zero-Effort Reporting
  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency
  • Embedding Risk Culture
  • A.I. Powered Analytics

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Our Mission

Simplifying Risk & Compliance

CoVi Analytics helps financial institutions align their regulatory objectives (customer protection) and business objectives (customer centric service); improving operational efficiencies, enhancing analytics capabilities and significantly reducing the cost of compliance.

Use Cases

How we help


Our Lloyd's attestation in-a-box accelerates business teams' time to comply with Lloyd's minimum standards using an evidence-based approach that's coupled with an automated reporting lifecycle.

Rules Mapping

Our A.I. powered platform enables compliance teams to be more productive by helping them navigate regulation at lightning speed and manage business interpretation with minimal effort.

Embedding Risk Culture

Our action driven approach empowers business teams to take control of their compliance activities by simplifying the theoretical regulatory language and automating repetitive tasks.

Extracting Insights

Our advance analytics engine enhances risk teams ability to provide invaluable insights to the business by visualising risk & compliance data and improving data quality supporting analysis.

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