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Capture & respond to risk incidents in a timely manner with minimal training.

Does your business keep repeating mistakes due to unreported or unresolved incidents?

Risk Incidents App provides a simple and intuitive approach to collecting risk incident data and encapsulating lessons learnt directly into your business operations. This new approach will reduce the reporting friction for incidents and ensure lessons learnt are used to enhance operational resilience and efficiencies.

Problem Statement

Recurring errors due to reporting friction? 

Most businesses require excessive information during incident reporting, resulting in a cumbersome process.


Incident forms are overly detailed and rely on employees to recall their training with no easy way to connect the reported incidents to the operational activities of the business.

This results in reporting friction that discourages the business from reporting errors, lost lessons since incidents are not mapped to weak business activities and assurance teams are constantly reacting to recurring errors.


Value Proposition

Proactively learn from mistakes.

The Risk Incident App lets you easily report incidents and ensure they are integrated into your business operations.

Capture incidents in just five clicks and avoid repeating operational mistakes by mapping incidents to your business activities through the CORE Elements App.


The result is frictionless reporting through intuitive incident reporting for better data quality and enhanced insights into "problem areas" of your operations to prevent future incidents.


Key features of Risk Incidents

Simplify your incident data collection for complete and accurate risk incident reporting that leads to improved operations.

Complete & Accurate

Maintain a complete "memory" of all your incidents and incident response to ensure you never make the same mistake twice.

Enhance Corporate Memory

Bring you incident reporting to life by connecting it with your operational realities using our Apps like CORE Elements.

Connect Operations

Get a live view of your operational effectiveness and never spend time preparing reports with our one-click reporting.


Discover new insights into your operational effectiveness and take timely action to remediate threats to your resilience.

New Operational Insights

Track incident management activities to completion with a clear audit trail of your responses for internal and external stakeholders to review.

& Audit Trails

Our App Suite is helping our clients reduce their operational overheads by over 30%

See how our Apps can help you gain new insights and achieve operational efficiencies.

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