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Is your inhouse R&C team overwhelmed with the ever-evolving regulatory expectations?

Each wave of innovation brings with it a plethora of regulatory change.

Our Augment R&C service is designed to provide interim support to busy Risk and Compliance teams; freeing them from grunt work so they can focus on value-add activities that support their business strategic objectives.

Service Scope

Bandwidth issues? We got you covered.

Regulators have intensified scrutiny on all firm types in the past decade. As regulated firms age, they accumulate Operational Debt from outdated processes that needlessly replicate existing business activities.


Our Augment R&C service frees up your team to focus on the big picture by handling these mundane tasks. Book a free consultation to learn more.

Caught in an operational loop that's consuming your bandwidth? Why not book an absolutely free consultation to explore how we can help you through your authorisation journey?



Choose the service that helps you release bandwidth for more interesting internal projects.

A full company setup, including tax registration plus any relevant oversight body like the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO).


Project manage the entire regulatory application process to completion, overseeing all internal and external stakeholders management.

Project Management

Develop the Regulatory Business Plan, including the necessary financial projections and balance sheet stress testing for the business.

Regulatory Business Plan

Develop the necessary business policies and procedures for senior management's review; delivered through our App Suite.

Policies & Procedures

Perform the necessary screening and deliver training to evidence the appropriateness of the management team to carry our regulated activities.

Directors' Readiness

Provide support with mandatory appointments such as Money Laundering Reporting Office (MLRO), Data Protection Office (DPO) etc.


Prepare the application, ensuring all necessary information is clearly presented and sufficiently supported with evidence.

Application Review

Arrange the necessary independent financial audits, if required, through our network of trusted partners and affiliates.

Independent Financial Audit

All business activities are setup using our App Suite

Freeing you to focus on other aspects of your business.

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