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Intuitively manage and monitor the building blocks of your operations.

Is your business struggling with unclear and inconsistent instructions, leading to duplicated operational activities?


CORE Elements offers a practical solution by providing clear and consistent descriptions of operational activities. Leveraging technology, it automates monitoring and reporting to prevent duplication and improve operational efficiency.

Problem Statement

Can't see the forest for the trees?

Regulated firms often understand their smallest unit of operation but fail to communicate it clearly to their teams. This lack of clarity results in conceptual business instructions being delivered through layers of instructions that are hard for teams to interpret, leading them to define what they believe is expected of them.

This results in business activities that are unclear, inconsistent, and lead to replication among teams, causing silo-culture and confusion.


Value Proposition

Building operations from first principles.

Our approach empowers the operations team to define four types of operational building blocks we call CORE Elements (Risks, Controls, Indicators & Actions).


With the guidance of the App and access to our extensive library of CORE Elements, users can quickly codify their operations, ensuring consistency across the board and filling any operational gaps.


Once setup, assessing CORE Elements is a breeze, requiring just 5-7 clicks for easy reporting to stakeholders.


The result is clear and consistent business activities, with minimized replication and strengthened operational integrity.


Key features of CORE Elements.

Turn ambiguous and inconsistent operational activities into clear and consistent instruction sets that are effortless to assess.

Clear & 

Rollout a CORE Element across teams, subsidiaries and geographies with a click of a button by creating "child" of the CORE Elements.

Parent <> Child

Connect the building blocks of your operations with your wider operational footprint through our App Suite, like Policies & Risk Incidents.

Connect Operations

Get a live view of your operational effectiveness and never spend time on preparing reports with our one-click reporting.


Discover new insights into your operational activities at a granular level and take timely action to remediate threats to your resilience.

New Operational Insights

Reminders for assessment updates are managed entirely by the App, with a clear audit trail retained for all edits made as part of the update.

Workflows & Audit Trails

Our App Suite is helping our clients reduce their operational overheads by over 30%

See how our Apps can help you gain new insights and achieve operational efficiencies.

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