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End needless documentation & automate your policy monitoring.

Tired of spending days updating business policies that end up as shelf-ware?


Policy 2.0 breaks down wordy policies into discrete principles which connect directly to business activities. This innovative approach significantly reduces the time spent on policy updates while automating policy monitoring and delivering valuable operational insights.

Problem Statement

A significant effort with minimal return?

A regulated firm with 30 policies can spend upwards of 4-12 weeks and 150,000 annually on updating, monitoring, reviewing, and getting Board approvals for these policies.


These efforts deliver limited operational value. In other words, the business is largely unaffected operationally by policy updates.


The result is a lack of clear accountability, a non-value-adding document suite maintained for external stakeholders detached from operational realities, and onerous & untimely reporting.


Value Proposition

An approach that is simple & intuitive.

Policy 2.0 transforms a policy into a list of discrete instructions we call Policy Principles. Each principle is under 250 characters and is linked directly to one or more CORE Elements, the smallest unit of business operations, which helps automate policy monitoring.

The result is enhanced accountability with ownership assigned at the policy principle level as well as at the policy level, bite-sized instructions increase engagement, and one-click reporting provides real-time insights for improved decision-making.


Key features of Policy 2.0

Turn your wordy policies into principles that are easy to manage and simple to communicate. You can even tweet them.

Simplify Instructions

Keep your existing policies for external stakeholders. But we promise once you get used to Policy 2.0, there is no going back.

Retain Existing Policies

Connect Policy Principles with one or more CORE Elements, allowing you to reuse existing business activities to meet multiple principles.

Connect Operations

Get live views on the effectiveness of your policy implementation along with potential gaps in your operations in just one click.


Gain new operational insights based on the mapping of you operations to your Policy Principles and identify operational efficiencies.

New Operational Insights

Reminders for policy updates are managed entirely by the App, with a clear audit trail retained for all edits made as part of the update.

Workflows & Audit Trails

Our App Suite is helping our clients reduce their operational overheads by over 30%

See how our Apps can help you gain new insights and achieve operational efficiencies.

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