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Elevating CoVi's Infrastructure: A Leap From Multi-Server to Hyper-Converged Architecture

In the realm of digital landscapes, the infrastructure serving as the backbone to our operations is akin to the roots of a mighty tree. The stronger and more interconnected they are, the more robust the tree stands amidst storms. It’s essential, therefore, to continually refine this backbone to serve you, our valued patrons, better.

Once upon a time, our old infrastructure was akin to a community garden, with various plots (servers) tended by different seasoned gardeners (trusted providers such as AWS, Azure, and OVH). Depending on the specific needs, each customer was assigned to a plot that best suited their requirements. It was a system that served its purpose, but had its set of limitations.

Enter the new era, we’ve transitioned to a more unified, fortified, and streamlined garden, a Hyper-converged Infrastructure (HCI). Imagine now, instead of disparate plots, we have a robust multi-tiered garden where each tier (node) is located in a different country. Our new garden consists of a minimum of three such tiers, forming a solid cluster. This isn’t merely a cosmetic upgrade; it’s a transformation that enhances the very essence of our digital operations.

The data layer in our HCI is meticulously replicated and encrypted at the VM level for each customer, akin to having a personalized, fortified vault for every patron in our garden, ensuring the utmost integrity and safety of your data.

But what about the seeds and saplings (backups) of our garden? Fear not! Our backup system has also seen a significant upgrade. Now, each backup is encrypted with GPG and cold stored in a secure vault outside our main garden, ensuring the reliability and safety of your data, even in the unlikely event that the main garden faces a calamity.

And it doesn’t just end there. The new cluster of CPUs and RAM in our HCI are like the fertile soil and abundant water supply that allow the flora and fauna (our services) in our garden to thrive, flourish, and withstand the rapid growth and evolving needs of our customers. It’s a more performing and stable platform that is well-equipped to sustain and nurture the growth of our customer base.

In layman's terms, we’ve moved from having multiple, separate plots of land to a well-fortified, unified, and thriving garden, ensuring a greener, more robust, and fruitful experience for all our cherished customers.

The essence of this transformation is about fostering a more resilient, secure, and scalable digital environment. It's about planting the seeds today for a more reliable, efficient, and flourishing tomorrow. So, welcome to our new, fortified garden. Your trust is the water that nurtures our resolve to continually evolve and provide you with nothing but the best!

Feel free to explore more about Hyper-converged Infrastructure (HCI) here to satiate your curiosity. Your continuous support and trust propel us to reach new heights, and we are thrilled to have you aboard on this exciting journey!

For further clarification, our team is always ready to assist (contact our team).


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