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Ensuring the digital safety of our App Suite is our top priority. The Access Management section offers various options to enhance access security for our App Suite in addition to the passwords.

1. Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

2FA is your enhanced digital shield. While passwords act as your primary gatekeeper, 2FA brings an extra layer to the security table. Alongside your usual password, 2FA necessitates a randomly generated number, providing a dual-method approach to access management.

  • What it is? An extra layer of protection beyond just your password.

  • How it works? Alongside your password (something you know), 2FA requires a randomly generated number (something you have). This dual method ensures higher security. Relying solely on passwords can be risky, as they can sometimes be stolen or leaked.

  • Why it matters? If someone gets your password from a random site, they might try it on other crucial sites you use, like your email or bank. 2FA offers an added shield.

  • Dive deeper? Setting up 2FA and Logging in with 2FA.

2. Single Sign-on (SSO)

Consider SSO as your digital master key. Instead of juggling passwords for different applications, with SSO you can let users log into our App Suite using their business log-in credentials. It streamlines user access and reduces the password fatigue many face from managing numerous credentials.

  • What it is? A simplified login method where one set of credentials grants access to multiple applications.

  • How it works? Integrate your access management tools directly into our App Suite through SSO integrations. Currently, we integrate with major enterprise access management systems including Microsoft Active Directory.

  • Dive deeper? Setting up SSO Access.

3. Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Think of our VPN as a private members club. Rather than putting the App Suite out in the open web where it's accessible by anyone, with VPN the App Suite is only accessible to web traffic coming from trusted locations, like your offices. Ideal for firms who use secure access management like Citrix or other VPN technologies.

  • What it is? VPN acts like a protective shield. Instead of making our Apps directly available on the web, we "hide" it to safeguard from potential threats.

  • How it works? Only traffic from a pre-approved VPN address has access to the Apps. This means that users have to be logged into the firm's secure network allowing clients to leverage their existing protocols to further strengthen their cyber posture.

  • Dive deeper? Learn more about VPN Access.

Digital security is an evolving challenge, but at the heart of our operations, safeguarding your access to our App Suite remains paramount. Whether it's the double-check of 2FA, the streamlined access of SSO, or the protective shield of a VPN, we've equipped our platform with a comprehensive toolkit to ensure you experience not only functionality but also robust security.

We always encourage our users to familiarize themselves with these options and utilize them to their fullest potential. After all, in this digital era, being proactive about security isn't just a recommendation—it's a necessity. Should you have any questions or need further insights into any of these options, our team is always on hand to assist. Here's to secure, seamless access!

To discuss your current setup or switch the VPN on/off, please contact the support team at

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