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After defining the CORE Elements, such as Risks and Controls, in our App Suite, users can determine their testing frequency.

The Assessment slots provide granular control over when these tests are carried out, enabling you to schedule assessments around essential events like Board meetings, holidays, and other significant dates.

This article delves into the intricacies of assessment slots, guiding you on setup, modifications, and more.

#1: Operational vs. Testing Frequency

#2: Updating Assessment Slots

#3: Changing Testing Frequency

#4: Audit Trails

#5: Updating Assessment Dates for Sign-off Slots

The Assessment Slots feature within the App Suite stands as a testament to our commitment to offering user-centric, adaptive, and precision-driven tools for businesses. Catering to organizations of all sizes, we prioritize your need for scheduling flexibility and intuitive control over operational activities. For any further clarity on Assessment Slots or related functionalities, our team is always ready to assist (contact our team).

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