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Workflows streamline tasks across the business, transitioning them from executors to reviewers. They also capture evidence to validate risk and compliance activities, ensuring each task is assessed by the appropriate personnel for accuracy and completeness.

This Article covers everything you need to know about workflow in our App Suite.

#1: Overview

In App Suite, responsibility for operational tasks, such as Risk, Control, or Action, is defined using three key roles:

  • Manager: This individual carries out the necessary activities for the task.

  • Reviewer: Once the task is done, the Reviewer ensures its quality and accuracy.

  • Owner: This person holds the ultimate responsibility for the task, overseeing both the Manager and Reviewer.

#2: Types of Workflows

#3: Workflows in Action

#4: Audit Trails

#5: Updating Signed-off Assessments

#6: Setting up Workflows (Admins only)

In summary, the App Suite offers a flexible and robust system to manage, review, and ensure the accuracy and completeness of operational tasks at every step. Whether your team is big or small, our solution is tailored to fit your needs. If you still have questions about Workflows, don't hesitate to contact our team.

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