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Control Matrix

The Control Matrix provides unprecedented insights into the controls environment supporting business risks managed through CORE.

Purpose: the Control Matrix is designed to provide insight into the relationship between risks and controls, showing risks running across the top (columns) and controls running down the page (rows). This dashboard provides an excellent approach to understanding risk coverage without being overwhelmed by too much information.

  1. Dashboard Menu: Control Matrix can be accessed through the Dashboard Menu on the left.

  2. Filters: options on the top right can be used to filter the data by Business Unit, Team or Entity, allowing users to review team-specific or entity-specific Risks<>Controls dynamics.

  3. Matrix: the matrix is organised with risks running across the top (cols) and controls running down the side (rows). Only references are mentioned in the table to keep the design clean.

  4. Cells: each cell in the matrix represents the latest RAG rating of the control support the risk. Hover over the cell to reveal the title of the Risk and the Control.

  5. Sorting: Clicking on the Risk or Control reference on the side will re-arrange the table, sorting from the perspective of the selected items.

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